Spectrum Panels


We are a student-led social organization committed to creating a safe, fun, welcoming and inclusive environment at LSU. Our purpose is to have a candid question and answer session about sexual orientation and gender identity. We want to open up dialogue across the campus and spread awareness about Spectrum and LGBTQ issues.

Spectrum Panels are meant to foster an informed, candid discussion about LGBTQ issues between a group of people (usually a class) and a handful of LGBTQ students. We try to have a diverse representation of LGBTQ experiences on each panel. The panelists have been trained to sit in front of a group of people and discuss their orientation, identity, and life experiences. Students are allowed to ask the questions anonymously so they do not feel embarrassed about asking a question deemed taboo or that seems too basic.

Some topics that are usually covered include religion, coming out experiences, depression, dating, employment, legal battles, and marriage. These panels help students, or other individuals, to understand the experiences of LGBTQ students at LSU, as well as break some of the stereotypes for people who do not typically have contact with LGBTQ individuals.


Interested in participating on a Spectrum Panel? Click here to apply!

Are you a professor looking for a panel to visit your class? Email spectrumpanels@lsu.edu for more info!