About Spectrum

The History of Spectrum

Spectrum, formerly GBLSU or Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians, and Supporters United, originally began as GLSA or Gay and Lesbian Student Association in the fall of 1977. The first meetings were off-campus, at private locations, due to the nature of the group. At the time, members of the LGBTQ community weren't readily accepted. In 1999, a group of students disconcerted with the mostly non-public nature of the LGBTQ movement at LSU formed Spectrum Alliance, which was intended to be involved in public activism and social change on campus.

In response to needs expressed by the LGBTQ student community, GBLSU decided in Summer of 2008 to restructure itself to include small scale political activism and renamed itself Spectrum, after the defunct activist organization. Plenty of people around campus still refer to "Spectrum Alliance," thinking of the old group -- it was relatively short-lived, but it left a lasting impression!

Since reorganizing in 2008, Spectrum has grown into an organization with over 100 active members, and has successfully organized programs, classroom panels, campus-wide forums, lobbying campaigns at the state legislature, and a statewide conference. Whatever your interest is in the LGBTQ+ community at LSU, Spectrum has a place for you!