First Contact
First Contact is a program where students new to or wondering about the LGBTQ community can meet with a peer contact on a one on one basis. This program is for people who are out, closeted, or just questioning. If you are interested in meeting with a peer contact please check out the website and fill out the web form to participate or email the Student Coordinator at for more information.

We want to open up dialogue across the campus and spread awareness about Spectrum and LGBTQ issues. Spectrum Panels are meant to foster an informed, candid discussion about LGBTQ issues between a group of people (usually a class) and a handful of LGBTQ students. The panelists have been trained to sit in front of a group of people and discuss their orientation, identity, and life experiences.
Interested in participating on a Spectrum Panel? Click here to apply! Are you a professor looking for a panel to visit your class? Email for more info!

First Fridays is one of Spectrum's oldest social events. First Fridays are social gatherings at a pre-arranged restaurant near LSU's campus on the first Friday of every month. These events are a great way to meet new people and even catch up with old friends. Attendance varies from approximately 15-20 people during the summer months, to around 90 during semesters. Come grab a bite and socialize!